About Jordan Klapman — Producer

Jordan has produced the following recordings:

100 Years of (Fats) Waller: Jordan Klapman Jazz Band, 2004

SHINE: Mick Lewis & Jordan Klapman Quartet, 2006

Shul Days: The Yiddish Swingtet, (co-producer) 2007

Stranger: Donna Greenberg, 2009

Mav’rik: Donna Greenberg, 2010

The Music Of Mardi Gras: A Concert for Haiti, 2010

Song In The Wind: Donna Greenberg, 2012

This Time: Warren James, 2013

A Simple Man: Tim Boyle, 2014 

2004 100 YEARS OF WALLERA classic swing tribute to Thomas "Fats" Waller’s greatest hits featuring vocalist Judy Marshak, The Hot Five Jazzmakers, Tony Quarrington, Kevin Clark, Chris Whiteley, Glenn Anderson, Ka Cheong Liu, and Jordan Klapman.
2007 SHINEClassic traditional jazz instrumentals featuring Mick Lewis, Tony Quarrington, Ken Whiteley, Brian Towers, and Jordan Klapman. Available on CDBaby.
2007 SHUL DAYSThe Yiddish Swingtet’s debut album combines traditional klezmer and classic swing jazz featuring Jonno Lightstone, Tony Quarrington, Ilios Steryannis, Bret Higgins, and Jordan Klapman.
2008: Multiple RecordingsMusic director/producer for four indie jazz CDs recorded at Ken Whiteley’s Casa Wroxton Studios for vocalists including Donna Greenberg, Sam Broverman, and others.
2010 MAV'RIKProducer/arranger for Donna Greenberg’s debut CD album of 12 original songs in eclectic genres including salsa, swing, bossa nova, gospel, celtic, and country. Featuring Tony Quarrington, Kevin Laliberte, Tom Skublics, Glenn Anderson, Andy Ballantyne, Henry Heillig
2010 THE MUSIC Of MARDI GRASProducer/arranged a live traditional New Orleans Mardi Gras-themed jazz concert album in aid of the Presbyterian Haiti Relief Fund featuring vocalists Julie Michels, and Jon Seiger plus instrumentatlists Glenn Anderson, Tom Skublics, Rob Somerville, Jack Zorawski, and Jordan Klapman.
2012 SONG IN THE WINDProducer/arranger for Donna Greenberg's second CD album of nine original songs in genres ranging from Big Band swing to Bossa Nova, jazz waltz, and romantic ballads. Featuring vocal duets with Warren James and Marcello Neves, and a superb band including Tony Quarrington, Ross MacIntyre, Glenn Anderson, Joaquin Hidalgo, Jon Seiger, Tom Skublics, Rob Somerville, and Jordan Klapman.
2013 THIS TIMEProducer/arranger for Warren James' debut CD album of 10 classic pop songs from the 1960s up to today. Featuring Glenn Anderson, Henry Heillig, Tom Skublics, and Jordan Klapman.
2014 A SIMPLE MANProducer/arranger for Tim Boyle's' debut CD album of his autobiographical one-man show A Simple Man featuring classic pop, theatre, and rock songs. Featuring Carrie Chesnutt, Adam David Ginsburg, Jordan O'Connor, and Jordan Klapman.